Straight into Cloth: Cloth Diapering Your Newborn

When I got pregnant with Theo I was already converting our entire stash to Buttons for Amelia. They were just what worked for us and I knew I wanted to cloth our second from the beginning. While I had a stash built before Amelia was born, people doubted me and I was pretty lost with how to do things then. It took a few weeks for me to begin toying with cloth then another 4 months to really become consistent with them. I say all this to say- if you really want to do it, do it!

*Newborn Stash*

I didn’t think I’d need that many NB covers because I knew the OS fit from 9lbs and I have 8ish lb babies. Once home from the hospital I added more newborn covers because I found I liked the fit better. In the end I had a total of 12 Newborn. I had 20+ one size covers that I could use for Theo but know that this isn’t necessary, but I like to buy all the Buttons and since he was the second I had already built quite a stash (plus having a boy meant I could add all the boy prints to my mainly girl stash🙌🏻.) In the end I’d say 10-12 covers is plenty if you want to keep your stash small and wash every 2 days.

Insert wise I use a combination of everything.I have 5 Newborn Fitteds and 6 Size 1 Buttons prefolds. At 3 months we finally outgrew the fitteds so I’d say we definitely got our use with those. They became our overnight solution as I am blessed with babies who sleep through the night early on. I also have a large stash of small micro,hemp,and bamboo inserts plus flour sack towels and I even made some makeshift inserts from my husbands old undershirts that I cut and sergered. 24 inserts of your choice though should get you through 2 days though so don’t feel like you need a crazy amount. I just had a lot left over from my first. Having the different fibers have also been helpful because they work for different times of the day better.

*What I took to the Hospital *

I took my 5 fitteds and 6 prefolds plus 4 newborn covers and 2 one size. I was there for 48 hours and this lasted us through that. I also took 1 large hanging wet bag. I used the wipes the hospital provided instead of bringing my own.

*Hospital Response*

The nurses were fine with me using cloth. They loved seeing it in his bassinet in labor and delivery and then in the mother& baby unit they all were so intrigued at “just how fancy cloth has gotten.” For his weight checks they just weighed a cover and insert before adding him to the scale. What I’d do differently here is make sure that every check had the same diaper. They didn’t vary that much but if you are concerned about this then definitely plan your diapers accordingly.

I did take 1 fitted and cover to Labor and Deliver and they put it in his bag on the warmer this way if he needed to be separated, we wouldn’t loose it in the transfer. Just pack the rest for your mom&baby bag (you won’t need that in L&D.)

*Where I stored them*

Our bassinets have a drawer in them that the hospital stashed disposables and wipes in. I just put my stash in there so it was convenient. We stored the dirties in our hanging wet bag which was either by the bassinet or on a hook on the wall.

*Handling Meconium and Washing*

So great news- meconium washes out! What did I do with those tarry poopy diapers? Threw them in the bag and then straight into the wash once I got home. I’m pretty sure his regular EBF poops have stained more than the meconium did.

Since he was my second in diapers I already knew I’d have diaper laundry when I got home so it didn’t really phase me to worry about washing. My husband was well versed at that point as well on the ins and outs of how to launder them but if not I would say leave a washing guide by the washer for them. Our laundry room is in our garage so it was somewhat taxing at times to have to take things down to be washed (split level home) but he was home for 2 weeks so I was able to delegate a lot to him on this. Since I was induced with him, I took time the day was to go in to be induced to make sure all the diapers at home were clean. I had a bag from my oldest that I had to wash as well so it just all went in together (I had 4 days of diapers for her due to the lengthy stay.)

*One Size vs Newborn*

Theo was 8lb14oz at birth and 8lb4oz when we left the hospital 2 days later. The one size totally fit, but the newborn were just a bit more trimmer.

*Umbilical cords, circumcisions, and more*

Since Buttons sit so low I wasn’t worried about the umbilical cord and never had an issue with it really. We did have to make sure that his penis was pointed down and if the stump did get peed on we just wiped with a wet wipe. Theo isn’t circumcised but I would say that if we had circumcised him I would have brought fleece liners to help protect inserts from the petroleum. We did bring the disposables the hospital provided home with us. While I had planned to pass them on to another newborn mom, we ended up needing them when I was dealing with some diaper rash at a few weeks old (was using fsts and I think we were combating some wetness sensitivity issues.) We use a homemade cloth diaper cream that is similar to the Not Just Butts (which we will be adding to our house once we are finished with this cream) but I don’t use cream that often (usually just overnight since he sleeps 12 hours.)

It’s totally doable to cloth from the start. I hope this gives you the confidence to do it and know that whatever you choose, you do what you need to do to mother the best.It’s also a good reminder as well to give ourselves grace in the moment of mothering. Birth is hard and different and challenging. I went in prepared to cloth but knew if things arose that prohibited me from cloth diapering, that I was covered by the knowledge of knowing the hospital provided diapers. Whatever you choose, know that your decision is what is best for you and your family at that time.

Interested in Buttons? Find out more at Buttons Diapers or check out the Buttons Diapers Official group on Facebook.



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